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Simply put, this is an arrangement in Joy pays affiliate Web sites a commission, you are paid according to a particular agreement. 
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Success Story - Hotels

We have been working with 3-5 stars hotels almost decade. Surely we started at offline method.

We are very flexible for various type of properties management.
With our 24/7 around the clock service, only for limousine itself made hotel generate net income up to 10,000 USD a month, 120,000 USD a year !

Hospitality Business Revamp​

No matter service business you are in, we will be the easiest part to set up in overnight. But unbelievably we represent a whole you


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Exclusive Luxury Credit Card

We have been working with Luxury Credit Cards for many years, both international and domestic market.

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Luxury Business Concierge​

Luxury experiences remained very attractive to consumers, as illustrated by sales growth of luxury hospitality , gourmet food and fine dining and luxury cruises ,this lifestyle continues to shine

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