With this service you are met at the aircraft door by our staff, and escorted (by buggy*) to a VIP area. In the VIP area you are fast-tracked through immigration, helped with bag and through customs and then taken to your driver.


  •  Avoids the queues and the hassles at international airports.
  • Gives access to fast track immigration, VIP airport handling.
  • New service for corporate, frequent, leisure travelers or cardholders.
  • Can be seamlessly combined with a bookable, commissionable airport transfer too.
  • Personal escort between ‘plane door & car door, always with fast track immigration.
  • Individual airside service for arrivals and departures, cover Thailand International Airport.
  • Central booking, cashless payment, simple pricing, 24×7 support, common service levels


What is an “Assisted service”? Fast-tracked immigration is a service, and just like a “business class” service varies by airline, The test of whether a Fast-tracked immigration service was successfully provided on the day is that the passenger did not have to queue in line, and/or their processing time was reduced.

We use a fast track channel; the First Class Line; a Crew/Diplomatic Line; an APAC cardholder line; Schengen or Alien Registration Lines;or the Automated Border Clearance line;

We use whatever channels, lines, knowledge and connections. We have to make the passenger through immigration fast, pleasant and easy.


Customers are met at the air-bridge for arrival services, and are greeted at the curveside or a welcome desk for departure services. Then for arrivals, we arrange an expedited route through Immigration, and personal assistancewith quarantine, visa-on-arrival, customs, baggage reclaim, and porters culminating in a smooth handover to a driver.

For Departures, we provide assistance with check-in, & porters and a quick route through security and immigration to a lounge or boarding gate. The service varies a little between airports: the exact details are shown when it is booked


Independent research shows that fast track immigration is the single most desired new commercial travel product amongst regular, discerning and corporate fliers.

These travellers resent having to stand in long immigration lines, and hate fending off the pushy taxi touts as they try to find their hotel driver or book a vehicle.

VIP Meet and Greet is the special service that our airport team will meet guest at the aerobridge and bring them pass the immigration without queue ( Fast Track Lane ) sometime need to bundle the Buggy, Visa On arrival Service or Transit Servi- ce. this is additional servic, will be charged separately.

  • Standard Arrival Service

  • Prepare “welcome” board with Guest ‘s name

  • Contacting by phone the passenger’s driver (if any)

  • Checking passenger’s flight ETA,

  • Being on station before docking

  • Greeting passenger at airplane door / air-bridge

  • Checking passenger’s arrivals paperwork

  • Escorting passenger through any quarantine formalities

  • Escorting passenger to Visa on Arrival, if required

  • Escorting passenger to immigration area

  • Fast track through immigration clearance

  • Using diplomatic or VIP channel for immigration

  • Escorting passenger to baggage collection

  • A ssisting with reporting delayed, missing or damaged bags

  • Escorting passenger through customs check

  • Assisting and advising passenger with customs issues

  • Help in clearing of samples, perishables (if any)

  • Assisting with hotel, mobile, forex (if requested)

  • Ensuring passenger avoid taxi touts

  • Coordinate meeting up with passenger’s driver

  • Assisting passenger book safe ground transport (if requested)

  • Remain with the passenger until passenger is at his/her vehicle

  • Remaining available to passenger up to 60 mins. (if requested)

  • Arranging future meeting services for passenger

  • Filing a job completed report