Chauffeur Driven Service/Limousine Service

Chauffeur Service

If driving for endless hours everyday tires you out, let JOY help you relax after a long
day at work with JOY Chauffeur Service. With our well-trained and experienced drivers, certified by the British Butler Program, we can ensure that you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own vehicle, only by letting us do all the work for you!
Whether you live in Bangkok or a provincial town, JOY chauffeur service is always available to support your needs and provide you with the highest level of comfort in your every on-the-road experience.

Airport Transfer

Calling Taxis can be difficult at times, especially when all of your luggage cannot fit in
the trunk or there is not enough passenger room for your loved ones. Let JOY make it easier for you. JOY Airport Transfer Service is available in all major airports throughout Thailand,
including Phuket, U-Tapao, Chiangmai and many more!
We are a punctual and reliable transportation provider, we can make sure that you will get to the airport on time and without worry. You can select a vehicle of your choice, whether it is a sedan, a commuter van, or a first-class vehicle such as Mercedes Benz or BMW, we have it all prepared for you. We recommend that you book airport transfer service with us at least one day before your departure date; our limousine will come pick you up and safely transport you to your airport.

Airport Pick-Up

Why bother calling a taxi when JOY is available and at your service everyday 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Our specialty is providing you with the most convenient transportation from the airport to the hotel, or vice versa. You can choose the vehicle of your choice at an affordable price. Do not be worried if you have several pieces of luggage, our fleet has a variety of vehicle capacities to ensure that you will not have to carry a single luggage on your lap.
JOY Pick-Up Service is now available across Thailand such as Chiangmai, Phuket, U- Tapao and other major provincial cities. With SHA (Safety and Health Administration) transportation certified, you will not have to worry about your health once you step into our pick- up limousine service. We make certain that each of our fleet cars is sterilized and hygienic, and that it is ready to serve you at any time.

Car rent with driver

If being economized is the goal of your company and corporate commuting can be a significant expense. You will never have to worry about overpriced commuting fees again because JOY offers affordable prices for each type of vehicle that you can select based on your needs. Whether it is a day, week, month, or a year contract, we are delighted to be at your service!
When you rent a JOY car rental from us, you will also receive our best drivers to accompany you on every ride. Our service is prompt, dependable, and, most importantly, it is

now available in Bangkok and provincial cities throughout Thailand; Pattaya, Phuket, Huahin and more!

Airport VIP Ground Service

Normal Meet and Greet Service

After a long and exhausting flight, you will be greeted warmly by the JOY Meet and Greet service as soon as you step into the airport. Not only will JOY Airport Representatives heartily welcome you, but they will also help direct you to your driver. Our service will help you from making unnecessary phone calls to saving your time and making it easier for you to locate your driver and your reserved transportation. We are here to make every one of our customers feel welcome and relieved after a long flight. If you would like to impress your important guests after their long journey, JOY Meet and Greet service is perfect for you.

VIP Meet and Greet Service / VIP Meet and Assist Service

Going through each process in the airport can be very confusing at times, and we have just the right service to assist you from your struggle. JOY’s VIP Meet and Greet Service is an accommodating service in which our staff will accompany you from the moment you step off the aerobridge. Our staff will walk you through every step of the process, from immigration to visa on arrival to baggage claim, until you meet with your driver.
For departure flights, we will escort you from the check-in area to your boarding gate, unless you wish to visit the Duty Free counters, in which case we will gladly escort you there as well. Our service is now available throughout Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, U-Tapao, Chiangmai, and more.

Fast Track Immigration Service / VIP Fast Lane / Thailand Elite Fast Track Immigration

When you book our JOY Fast Track Immigration Service, you will be able to walk through the Fast Track lane to the immigration counter at the Airport Customs without having to wait in seemingly endless lines. We want to offer you an assisted service that will help you save your valuable time and make your post-flight experience as less exhausting and pleasant as possible. Our service is now available throughout Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, U- Tapao, Chiangmai, and more.

Visa on Arrival Service

Visa on Arrival allows passport holders from any of the 19 countries to enter Thailand if they meet the r equirements. A cash Visa on Arrival fee of 2000 THB is required upon entry. For the JOY Visa on Arrival Service, our staff will carefully walk you through the necessary paperwork for the visa application process until the process is completed. We want to make the difficult process simpler for everyone, so you can enjoy your trip in Thailand more pleasantly and stress-free!
JOY Visa on Arrival Service is now available at all airports across Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, U-Tapao, Chiangmai and more.

Airport Lounge

We understand that the wait for take-off can seem interminable. We present JOY Airport Lounge Service, where time and will not be an impediment to you enjoying the 2 hours of pleasurable service from your airline’s high-class lounge. Our customers are able to relax in leisure areas with COVID immaculate safety guidelines and hygiene standards. Dining and beverages are available, as well as free internet access.
Our service is now available throughout Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, U-Tapao, Chiangmai, and more. Use JOY Airport Lounge Service and the wait will never be boring again. Because you use JOY Airport Lounge Service, your wait will never be boring again.

VIP Transit Service

As soon as you step off the aerobridge, our staff will accompany you through customs and to your next boarding gate. Our service ensures that you arrive at your boarding gate on time, with no complications or inconveniences. This service will automatically include VIP Meet and Greet Service and Fast Track Service for both connecting flights from international terminal to international terminal or to domestic terminal. JOY’s specialty is to alleviate and facilitate any complications that you may experience while transiting a flight.
Book JOY Transit Service today, available now throughout Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, U-Tapao, Chiangmai, and more.